Recipe: Cardamom & Tulsi Kashayam

A nearly forgotten term, for young people the word Kashayam evokes the idea that someone is punishing them. But, that isn’t the case.

A Kashayam is an old-fashioned, albeit nurturing Ayurvedic concoction made with herbs and spices, as a drink to offer relief from minor aches and pains. There are complicated Kashayams, and simple ones that allow specific ingredients to shine equally.

In the Cardamom & Tulsi Kashayam, both Tulsi, or Holy Basil and cardamom star equally brightly, to make a delicious short brew. It also uses the wonderful spice, Turmeric! I find this recipe an easy one to make, and perfect for the Fall weather!


In my book, 'Seven Pots of Tea: an Ayurvedic approach to sips & nosh', I included some Ayurveda specific information regarding Tulsi along with other spices. Here are the spice-specific notes, and the recipe, of course, for Recipe: Cardamom & Tulsi Kashayam

Holy basil/tulsi: Occimum sanctum