My next cookbook -

I've been wanting to work on a book about India's many different spice blends - and have started the work on it.

There are lots of gorgeous photos in the book - and you'll see some in the Kickstarter video.

(the crowdfunding campaign is over, but you can still preorder the book.)

How does Kickstarter work? It is a crowdfunding platform.

Meaning, rather than work with a publisher, creative and niche cookbooks like mine have an opportunity to find interested readers independently.

It is like pre-ordering a car or a product (but paying the full price for it at the time of a pre-order).

In a Kickstarter, an author sets a budget, and offers up different price points for people to 'pledge'. Through the time of the campaign, one can pledge a set dollar amount towards the book. The backers are not charged until the campaign finishes. If the campaign (project) reaches its goal or budget, then the 'backer' is charged for the amount they pledged towards. The product is then sent to them when it is produced.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign, which has:

  • a short but detailed video

  • an overview of the book

  • the stretch goals

  • and some general q & a

I am incredibly excited that we've raised the base goal for this book, and are on our way to meeting the first stretch goal. It means more recipes, more fun dishes, larger book... more more more.

I've been posting short teaser reels on my Instagram with dishes I plan to include in the book - so, what are yo