Verse: Couch

One loveseat, a leaf garland, a boquet, candles on floor. Unfinished brick wall with window.


(c) Nandita Godbole, 2019

A quaint twosome on a couch for two. Sat silently. Absorbing the hours. Doing absolutely nothing, except feeling comfortable. With each other. Just being. An incandescent shade Bathed the room in yellow light. A television flickered across the room- One story framed. Another patiently waited on the couch. unwritten, unspoken and unplayed.

Years passed. so life wrote a different story. One with two couches instead of one. Set in two different rooms Filled with hours and silence. Instead of “around” Silences scattered in-between the twosome. Neither being. Nor comfortable. Until they replaced the everything with one couch.

(C) Nandita Godbole, 2019