Recipe: Phudina CHaas

Summer is heating up, and many places are experiencing temperatures in the triple digits. This age-old recipe is one for a traditional buttermilk, a light and refr

eshing combination of fresh yogurt, and cooling spices. I love the smell of fresh mint leaves in this chaas, it elevates the drink to something even more special.It is best served at room temperature.

Buttermilk in Indian cooking is NOT the same as whey left over when converting cream to butter. Buttermilk is often called chaas (Gujarati), taak (Marathi), chaaj (Hindi) and mor' (Tamil).

Phudina Chaas: Minty Spiced Buttermilk

Makes: Ten 8 oz servings Cook Time: 10 minutes or less

Ingredients 2 cups unflavored Greek yogurt 2-3 cups water

1 tsp toasted cumin seeds, crushed 1 tsp freshly cracked pepper Rock Salt, to taste

2-3 tbsp fresh mint leaves, julienned


  1. Pour the yogurt into a large, deep stockpot or a water jug. Whisk the yogurt until smooth in consistency.

  2. Slo