No resolutions. No reservations.

I have no words for 2019. I have written more than I ever expected to, done more media than before. It kept us on our toes.

Yesterday, stuck in bed, in the post-surgery state, I finally picked up what needed to catch up on: my Ayurvedic studies (I’ve been working on formalizing what I already know .. because well, folks don’t take you seriously otherwise). My laptop propped up into the sheets, I read for about two hours, listened to some of the audio lectures and started to fade off when the meds were making me sleepy. Just then, I stumbled into something that I had known for a long time: the balance between Sattvik, Rajasic and Tamasic qualities – leads to overall balance in life.

In the simplest sense (without getting too technical or complicated) Sattvik represents the calm/earthy/being grounded, Rajasic is the active aspects of life and Tamasic represents the passion that shapes purpose. They collectively are necessary, in equal parts to find the right equilibrium in life. They collectively propel our lives towards a space where we find enjoyment in what we do, and are at peace with what surrounds us. Incidentally, our life is in four distinct states– ‘learning’, ‘doing’, ‘enjoying’, and ‘being’ - all states overlapping, colored by the S/R/T qualities we exhibit – some propelling us to do/be/enjoy more and others, tempering every action – with humility, gratitude and acceptance – the Sattvik qualities.

It wasn’t a new concept to me, but it made me think about all the new year’s resolutions and non-resolutions I was seeing – and the pressure there seemed to be to have a goal, especially at the start of another year, another ‘decade’! So many expectations – from yourself and others. Does having expectations preemptively prime us for disappointment or failure?


Then, last night I had the privilege of reading a short essay my daughter wrote – as we were talking about the best thing that happened to us during the year. All our notes paled, when I read the one phrase that ended her essay – “Remember this.” I hope she gets to share it someplace nice, it brought me to tears.