The Kite

I was getting ready to share my next two books: 'Treasured Indian Comfort Foods' book and launch a Kickstarter for Roti 2 when I returned from LA, along with book PR for Not For You, 1 & 2.

But Life meticulously reminds us each day, that it chooses to remain unpredictable.

The rollercoaster of these last two weeks included 2 very different events: the ongoing physical and spiritual cleansing of our house post-burglary. And then, being in awe at the NBC Asian America coverage of ‘Not For You’ that gained more than 19K+ views.

I honestly don’t know people well enough to merit this viewership, and can count my innermost, closest confidants on one hand. Who are all these people, the ones I don’t know? And how much do I know the ones I thought I did?

I tell myself, “Everyone I know is busy”.

Followed by, “I know everyone is busy”.

People I have known for years have yet to connect with us, and others have emerged from the shadows of the past.

But what surprised me most was strangers extended more kind words than the ones I thought I knew. The same strangers who may be responsible for those 19K+ views.

Everyone is busy with a life that seems to have little room for direct human connections. How did we corner ourselves like this?

We remain grateful to be physically unharmed, to know kind people who will drive 30 minutes armed with materials, to board up a shattered door, and friends who will hug us long enough until we stop whimpering.