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Recipe: Chicken & Wild Rice Soup with Thyme & Baby Red Potatoes

a nourishing one-pot soup

Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

When the weather turns colder, we begin to look for one pot comforting dishes to make our meals a little easier. This simple soup does just that. Prepare the chicken beforehand so cook-time is reduced.

Make a large stockpot of this soup for your family when all you want to do is curl up and enjoy a comforting easy bowl of nourishment. Simple ingredients, rich taste!

Chicken & Wild Rice Soup with Baby Red Potatoes & Thyme

(with a vegetarian adaptation)

Makes: Eight-ten, half cup servings Diet: Gluten-free, vegetarian-adaptable Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time, Ease: 30-40 minutes, Easy


2 tbsp butter or olive oil 1 large white onion, diced 1, 3” sprig of thyme

2 cups of quartered baby red potatoes

1/2 cup of quartered mushrooms (optional) 2 tbsp flour

32 fl. oz chicken stock or vegetable stock

½ cup wild rice

Salt, to taste

Freshly cracked pepper, to taste

To garnish

Sour cream

Sprigs of Thyme


Heat the butter or olive oil in a large stock pot. Add the diced onions and saute until they soften slightly. Add thyme, potatoes and mushrooms (if using) to the pot. Cook until the potatoes skins have started to sear and the mushrooms have lost some water. Dust in the flour, stir and let this cook for a minute or so. Pour in the stock and bring this to a boil.

Once the liquid begins to boil, add the shredded baked chicken. Reduce the heat and add the wild rice and let this simmer for 30 minutes on low. Stir to check every 10 minutes to ensure nothing sticks to the bottom.

Season with salt and pepper after the wild rice has cooked through. When serving, garnish with thyme sprigs and a dollop of sour cream. Serve with bread of choice.


Skip the chicken if you want to make a vegetarian version. Increase the proportion of mushrooms to 2 cups and follow the recipe in the same way.


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Nandita Godbole
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