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The Long Goodbye


उम्र गुज़र गई

पर तुमसे अलविदा न कर सके

किसी और वक्त की यादोंसे

तुमको जुदा न कर सके.

किसीकी आँखोंने अल्हड़पनमें

इस दिल को था तराशा

ज़ख्में दर्द दे गए ज़िन्दगी भर का

जो घाव था जरासा.

~ ~

(c) नंदिता, २००६

It *roughly* translates to this:

The long goodbye

A lifetime has past

yet, am unable to bid (you) goodbye

The memory of another time and you

remain inseparable.

Naive adolescence eyes searched through this heart once

Leaving a hurt to last a lifetime,

from a wound, so slight. (c) Nandita, 2006



NG_BW 2020_rawai.jpg

Nandita Godbole
Once: botanist & landscape architect.
Now: personal chef, author, an artist, graphic designer, blogger, poet & potter!
Always: dreamer.

Loves fresh brewed chai, the crisp salty ocean breeze, watching monsoon rains & walking barefoot through cold mountain streams. 
Believes in the strength, positivity of the human spirit. Is spiritual but not a fanatic. 
Mom of one. Two, if she counts her husband.

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