The Echo


Photo: Mahabalipuram, TN. India. (c) Nandita Godbole, 2013

This room feels crowded especially when no one is here. The chatter, the voices, the questions and thoughts.. Weighs. Is too much to bear. This music dulls the claustrophobia, wanders through the soul, yet spins other threads. Hear, here, and learn - Makes it wish for the ‘else’, but dreads. What is my purpose in the universe of wants? What is my place in this world of ask? What is the work of these hands when they have none to hold? What is the task? The space stills quiet, as if held within clear glass, reverberating within its own silence. (Like) a mime in an invisible box - Is it me, or it, it?

(c) Nandita Godbole, 2014