Bittersweet Dreams

I have written prose and verse, in whatever cobbled form, for nearly 30 years now. I penned these words one night, a few years ago, before a new adventure was about to unfold.

डगर डगर नई नई - भुगोलकी दिशाएं स्थिर रहेंगी - वहीँ नदीकी अंगड़ाई सी, सूरज के किरणों से .. उभरेगी धाराएं किसी एक सुबह तब तक चांदनी मैं - ईचार्योग्य गंतव्य के लिए - नक्शे खीँच रहेहैं - यहीं यहीं. ~ (c) नंदिता | मार्च, २० १ ०,

In Hindi it means:

New paths remain aplenty though the direction will never change. Like the grace and ebb of a river Like a dawns’ first rays... Shall emerge a stream one morning Till then... We draw maps to wishful destinations ..while still here. - (C) Nandita, March 2010

Within days after I wrote this, our lives changed and I took on different responsibilities than what I was familiar with. Another few years later, I toyed with the idea of serious writing. One day I was asked: Why not? And, having no good answer to it, but to actually write, I took the mad plunge.

Yesterday, I sent out a minor distillation of 6 months of writing, several years of muscle building labor, to about 70 some people who had pre-ordered this specific portion of my work.

This was my first piece of work as a writer in this specific field of work. The work itself was small, 45-some pages long, extracted from more than 140 intense pages, but that was all that was required for this exercise.