Variety Is The Spice of Life!

The Indian cuisine utilizes nearly 100+ spices, of the 300 spices in the world. It is no wonder that so many folks are fearful about using them. Lets break the cycle...

Join me in a NEW webinar / hangout series on commonly used Indian spices.

Spice Tasting Webinar Series Through this series, we will explore more than 80 spices most commonly used in the preparation of Indian dishes. Each segment covers a specific set of spices. Participants need not purchase these to be part of our webinar, however, having some of these on hand will surely be helpful, as we will taste each one as we go along. This is a virtual spice tasting webinar & hangout.

This FIVE part series will go through four larger categories of spices:

1. Basic Whole Spices

2. Basic Garam Masala Spices: Whole and Powdered

3. Basic Fresh Spices & Flavors

4. Regional Spices & Flavors

5. Others

In this series, I will address simple questions such as:

a. Sourcing & choosing, etc.

b. Which ones are the basics and which ones need special care?

c. How to use / treat specific spices for maximum flavor?

d. The 'how-do-I...' open ended questios.

e. Making blends, storing spices etc.

f. Health benefits, if any of each spice.

Part One: Basic Whole Spices in Indian Cuisine

Date: October 19, 2015

Time: noon-1, Eastern Standard Time

Location: Virtual

How to Sign-up:

Pre-registration: Required, in order to receive information about the spices we will cover in the upcoming segment, incase you choose to purchase them before the webinar. Only registered participants recieve an invite to the webinar.

Cost: $5.00 per session, payable via PayPal prior to the class.

Class size: 7 participants, waitlisted if the class is full, with option for alternate dates.

Priority: Those who have attended a class in the series before, for continuity.

Frequency: We will have one class every fortnight. The series is likely to be repeated as a whole, once it has run through the five sets.


Nandita Godbole

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Believes in the strength, positivity of the human spirit. Is spiritual but not a fanatic. 


Mom of one. Two, if she counts her husband.

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